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4. SwarnaJayanti Fellowship (2017-2022): ₹4.68 crore

Title of the project: Novel Quantum Ground States in Nano-structured Devices and Bulk Materials: Fundamentals & Applications

3. SERB Extra Mural Fund (2016-2019): ₹4.76 crore

Title of the project: High Field Magneto-Transport & Spectroscopic Studies on Topologically Non-Trivial Systems at Sub-kelvin Temperatures

2. DST Nanomission (2014 - 2017): ₹4.56 crore

​DST Nanomission has supported the project "Spectroscopy and imaging down to sub-nanometer length scales". The project supports a major equipment, one postdoc and one JRF. In addition, separate travel grants and consumable grants are also provided.

1. DST Ramanujan fellowship of Dr. Goutam Sheet (2012 - 2017): ₹85 lakhs


The lab receives a contingency grant every year. 


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