Goutam is the principal investigator of SpIN group at IISER-Mohali. He obtained his PhD degree from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in 2007. Goutam attended Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratories for postdoctoral research before joining IISER Mohali in May, 2012. His principal research interest includes the experimental investigation of the topologically non-trivial systems (like topological insulators, topological superconductors, Weyl semimetals, Dirac semimetals etc.) using scanning probe microscopy and transport spectroscopy at ultra-low temperatures and high magnetic fields.

Monika received her doctorate from IIT Delhi and joined SpIN group in 2020. She is working on atomic force microscopy along with its different modes such as kelvin probe force microscopy, conducting AFM and piezo force microscopy. Monika likes reading novels.

Ritesh Sachan

Ritesh completed his master’s from Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur and joined the PhD programme at IISER in 2015. His focus research area includes low-temperature noise measurements and point contact spectroscopy. Ritesh loves listening to old Bollywood musics.

Soumyadip Halder

After completing his M.Sc from the University of Calcutta, Soumyadip joined as a PhD student in 2015. He is involved in the electronic transport properties of perovskite oxide interfaces down to sub-Kelvin temperatures. Soumyadip is a hardcore gamer with his preference in PC as a platform. 

Suman Kamboj

Suman pursued her master’s from Kurukshetra University and joined the group in 2015 as a PhD scholar. She studies transport spectroscopy in a wide variety of novel quantum materials like Weyl semimetal, ferromagnetic metal and magnetically doped topological insulators. Suman loves Punjabi music videos and comedy-drama.

Soumya Datta

Soumya completed his M.Sc from University of Calcutta and joined the group in 2016 as a PhD student. His research interest is focused on unconventional superconductivity in boride materials probed by different spectroscopic imaging methods. Watching world cinemas is Soumya’s hobby.

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Sandeep Howlader

After completing his master’s from IIT Delhi, Sandeep joined IISER PhD programme in 2016. His research interests include investigation of novel physical properties (like superconductivity and ferromagnetism) coexisting in exotic novel materials (like magnetic Weyl semimetals) using scanning probe microscopy & spectroscopy. Sandeep is a dedicated android gamer and an anime fan.

Aastha Vasdev

​Aastha is a PhD student since 2016 after completing her M.Sc from University of Delhi. Her expertise lies in scanning probe techniques like atomic force microscopy and scanning tunnelling microscopy. Aastha is an avid fitness enthusiast.

Deepti Rana

Deepti completed her master’s from Panjab University and joined the group as a PhD student in 2018. Her research aims at studying the transport properties of topologically non-trivial systems, both experimentally and theoretically. Reading literature is Deepti’s hobby.


Monika Bhakar

Monika earned her M.Sc from Guru Jambheshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar and joined IISER PhD programme in 2018. Her research project is to fabricate types of artificial lattices using thin film deposition techniques alongside electron beam lithography and then to study their properties using AFM and MFM. Monika loves to cook food, especially with dairy products.


​Mona completed her M.Sc from Panjab University and joined as a PhD student in 2019. Besides working on some theoretical analysis, she is primarily preparing now for transport measurements at ultra-low temperature in a soon-to-be-set-up dilution refrigerator. Mona plays badminton whenever she gets some free time.

Nikhlesh Mehta

After completing his master’s from Kumaun University Nainital, Nikhlesh joined the PhD programme in IISER in 2019. He is currently working in point contact spectroscopy down to sub-Kelvin temperature. Nikhlesh enjoys playing cricket.

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